September 4, 2021
  • 10:00 #CanDoMusic - a vital campaign in the post-pandemic music education landscape

    Following the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, three music education partners (ISM, MTA & Music Mark) came together to form the #CanDoMusic campaign, to support school and instrumental music teachers by providing practical advice and resources to ensure that children and teachers #CanDoMusic in school. In this session, we’ll hear an update from each of the three partner organisations about how the campaign continues to support teachers and how #CanDoMusic remains a relevant, and vital, campaign in the post-pandemic music education landscape.

  • 10:00 Meet Eric Whitacre

    The American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre in conversation with Amy Bebbington earlier this year. Click here to browse all of Eric Whitacre's music on Musicroom. [Pre-recorded viewing]

  • 10:00 Warm Ups for Grown Ups with Charles MacDougall

    Warming up isn't just for young singers! It's for adult singers too, and the activities you do set the tone for what is ahead, encouraging engagement with the fundamentals of vocal technique, honing ensemble skills and bringing a sense of play and joy to the start of every rehearsal. In this session, singer, vocal coach and choral director Charles MacDougall will explore activities that are guaranteed to make your precious warm up time engaging, energising, vocally beneficial and - most of - fun! Suitable for anyone working with adult singers in community choirs, choral societies, chamber choirs, vocal groups and singing groups of any kind.

  • 11:00 Break
  • 12:00 In conversation with Becky McGlade

    Composer Becky McGlade talks to OUP's Choral Promotion Specialist Griselda Sherlaw-Johnson about her life and compositions. A selection of Becky’s works will be played with scores to follow on screen. [Pre-recorded viewing]

  • 12:00 Max out your singing sessions, with Tom Leech and the Diocese of Leeds Singing Programme

    Going through the motions? Warm-ups for the sake of it? Lost control when the projector doesn't work? Carefully planned warm-up and transition material can transform your singing sessions and improve vocal outcomes and pupil engagement. Tom and Charlotte - Directors of the RPS award-winning Diocese of Leeds Schools SInging Programme - take you through a practical session packed with tried and tested session starters, warm-ups, transitions and vocal silliness, deconstructing the whats and whys along the way. Suitable for anyone singing with whole classes or youth choirs across primary and secondary (and it would liven up many a choral society rehearsal too…).

  • 12:00 Singing for lung health with Phoene Cave

    An introductory workshop with Phoene Cave (, covering the context for the work within the arts and health field, an overview of the impact of chronic lung conditions and dysfunctional breathing patterns and a demonstration of the practical application using music, movement, mindfulness and singing to support breathlessness.

  • 13:00 Break
  • 14:15 Youth Choir Showcase

    Enjoy recorded performances from some of our finest youth choirs: the Hallé Youth Choir, London Youth Choirs, Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choirs, Singing Community of Choirs and Taplow Choirs.

  • 15:00 Building Voices - Toast, Jaffa Cakes and Haka

    Building Voices is a new abcd initiative designed to bring together the experience of teachers and conductors who have inspired young people to sing through the adolescent years of voice change. Where is cambiata most useful? Is it needed by established youth choirs or is it relevant only in schools? It has tended to be associated with boys, but all voices change. Are we still thinking too much in terms of binary gender classification? How often do we find allowances for the disruption to childhood singing patterns regardless of  identity? The Haka perhaps underlines the need that is sometimes felt to make singing appeal to the traditional image of young males, whilst the advice to avoid clashes between singing and sport has reflected the perceived need to adapt to the priorities of the male adolescent as a species. Does this lead to inadvertent discrimination against other groups? Will these considerations still be as relevant in the post-pandemic world, or have things changed?  Should we be aiming to make changes? What kind? Our panel is chaired by Professor Martin Ashley, with Ian Crawford, Lucy Joy Morris and Sarah MacDonald.

  • 15:00 Renewal, Rebirth and Refresh - new OUP repertoire

    New and recent publishing from Oxford University Press, presented by their Choral Promotions Specialist, Griselda Sherlaw-Johnson. Finalise your Christmas programming and plan ahead!

  • 16:00 Break
  • 17:00 Creative Choral Collaborations from Canada with Tracy Wong

    Malaysian-Canadian Dr Tracy Wong joins us live from Toronto. Tracy is a choral conductor, music educator, composer, vocalist, and pianist. She is the Assistant Professor and Choral Director at McMaster University’s School of the Arts, where she conducts the University Choir and Cantemus Ensemble. This session explores creative choral projects that have taken place in Canada during the pandemic. As a choral conductor and composer, Tracy was fortunate to be a part of the new cross-country collaborative choral initiatives: Bridge Choral Collective and Sonic Timelapse Project. These creative collaborations continue to help organizations to share resources, while contributing towards the sustenance of new music and learning experiences. The session will also introduce new flexible Canadian choral repertoire for programming considerations.

  • 17:00 In conversation with Mat Wright, Barnsley Youth Choir

    An interview with Mat Wright, talking about their recent international summer festival and their plans for the future. [Pre-recorded viewing]

  • 17:00 The Model Music Curriculum - a way forward or a step back?

    Join our distinguished guest panel – Lucinda Geoghegan (Creative Learning Director for NYCoS), Don Gillthorpe (Director of Music at Ripley St Thomas and President of MTA), Dr Ally Daubney (musician, teacher, educator, researcher and current co-editor of the British Journal of Music Education) and Richard Jeffries (Artistic Director of SC Choirs, music educator and abcd Council member) for a discussion of the Model Music Curriculum. How can this model curriculum inspire discussion about the way we teach music and shape our work in schools? What flaws are there in the curriculum and how can we use these discussions to implement change in our own practice? Read the Model Music Curriculum here.

  • 18:00 Networking time

    Another chance to chat informally with colleagues and ABCD staff about all matters choral! Find out how others are planning the resumption of their choirs, pick up useful tips, share your problems, worries and hopes.

  • 18:45 Youth Choir Showcase

    Enjoy recorded performances from the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and the National Youth Choir of Scotland.

  • 19:30 International performances

    Choose from our pick and mix of international performances - available on demand to all delegates! See the web page under repertoire.